Dangerous web on Jama Masjid Delhi’s future - infighting among Bukhari brothers -Shahi Jama Masjid Delhi under threat of permanent Lockout ?


  [Bismillahnews.in-01-11-14-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui]  Wali kay ghar shaitan aur shaitan kay ghar wali is an old saying fit on the Bukhari...

[Bismillahnews.in-01-11-14-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Wali kay ghar shaitan aur shaitan kay ghar wali is an old saying fit on the Bukhari family gone astray from the religious path of their ancestors.Till the father of Ahmed Bukhari Imam Abdullah bukhari was alive Bukhari family enjoyed personal respectful relations with Muslim masses.But during the life of Imam Abdullah saheb his son developed friendship with anti-social elements who provoked Ahmed Bukhari into many illegal activities early in his carrier using the platform of Jama Masjid and name of his father.Imam Abdullah’s father Maulana Abul Hameed was extremely pious and a man of high morals and learning and he interacted daily with hundreds of people and remained humble to his piou duty of Imamat never aspiring for worldly goods.Abdullah Bukhari too almost inherited similar qualities of his father till in 1975 he gave in to his political aspirations and was used by RSS to join the platform of Janata Party.The then RSS Chief visited Abdullah Bukhari’s old Delhi house to inquire about his poor health.It is since then that the Bukhara Imams started dancing to the tune of Sangh Parivar rather than honoring the edict of Emperor Shahjahan who had wanted Imams of Shahjahani Jama Masjid to be hereditary from Bukhari family but they should be pious too.
Illegal use of Jama Masjid complex by putting up hoardings of a political family close to Bukhari’s
Due to unsuccessful personal political venture Abdullah Bukhari permanently let the fascist forces strengthen in India , weakening the secular forces for his personal interest.This situation was exploited by anti-social element surrounding his son Ahmed Bukhari who too had burning political aspirations,thus in a fit of personal glolary he played into the hands of his close associates who used him by making him form ADAM SENA in 1986 with an arrangement with RSS.The formation of Adam sena led to massive uproar against it among the Indian Muslims and Ahmed Bukhari had to retreat his step for closing the Adam Sena chapter.An Urdu Journalist close to Imam Ahmed Bukhari’s notorious circle during the 1980’s post opening of Babri Masjid locks would often share his insight with this writer.He was of the firm opinion that the polarizing activities of Ahmed Bukhari had the government sanction close to the Sangh Parivar,this strategy of driving Indian Muslims to extremism of forming Adam Sena would invite Hindu reaction and would unite Hindu’s against Muslims and Securalism. Those close to Ahmed Bukhari used his ignorance and used his family status in VP Singh’s Janata Dal movement.With two of Ahmed Bukhari’s "protege" managing Rajya Sabha’s and half a dozen of them plump postings in government positions.
illegal hoarding in Jama Masjid complex of Bukhara Hotel owned by Bukhari’s in old Delhi
Ahmed Bukhari was left high and dry as he lost the good faith of his father Imam Abdullah Bukhari in the process.With politics of India going communal Muslims were blaming communal Muslim leadership mainly the emergence of illiterate uneducated mafia backed Ahmed Bukhari and his friends in the name of religion.Even the religious qualification of Ahmed Bukhari is nil…though he is a nice Qari but that is far below to be a religious scholar like Mufti Mukkaram Ahmed the Shahi Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid Delhi.
Another illegal hoarding of Hotel owned by Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari’s friend Haji Anwar  from the kabari market
This mafiaso emergence of religious touts during the Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid communal movement was common both among Hindus and Muslims.RSS was successful in creating polarization leadership of Muslims and Hindus.Among Muslims Owaisi’s were another state sponsored family promoted by Sangh Parivar.
Ahmed Bukhari imprisoned his annoyed ill bed ridden father in last three years that he lived,capturing Jama Masjid as Naib Imam and forcing Abdullah Bukhari to anoint him as next Imam.The other brothers Yahya and Tariq developed bitterness for Ahmed Bukhari which is the basis of the division with in Jama Masjid and second unsuccessful attempt on his life via sprinkling of Kerosene Oil on Ahmed Bukhari.Yahya Bukhari is close to Bal Thackrey family from last three decades and is using Jama Masjid as his office for all illegal Liason business from permits to visa’s to licences to encroachments..to contract forced vacations of rented houses from the tenants.Ahmed Bukhari as an arrangement does not interfere in to Yahya’s business.With emergence of Vajpayee government Ahmed Bukhari embedded Vajpayee Himayat committee.Then Congress party through Ghulam Nabi Azad patronized Yahya Bukhari and assured him Rajya Sabha if he could win his other brother.With congress making a come back in 2004 Ahmed Bukhari assured his brother Yahya that at an opportune time he will support his Rajya Sabha aspiration.Tariq Bukhari being the youngest sided with Ahmed Bukhari.
Ahmed Bukhari Imam of Shahi Jama Masjid with his son Shabaan to be anointed on 22 November 2014…?
The Liasoning business attracted Ahmed Bukhari too and he started making millions on postings and transfers.His overseas liasoning activities remained unchecked.With support from PV Narshima Rao he demanded park land adjacent to Meena Bazar in exchange to letting Ram Mandir come up in place of Babri Masjid…But Narshimha Rao proved much smartter he gave nothing to Imam Ahmed Bukhari and Muslim leadership and got Babri Masjid demolished.With Owaisi’s he only gave permission of a medical college in Hyderabad for letting Babri Masjid be demolished.
With Modi rule the entire Muslim leadership is licking his foot Imam Ahmed Bukhari is feeling ignored as his brother Yahya Bukhari is calling shots and is close to Modi camp.The Congress party is using Ahmed Bukhari to unsettle Modi trap on Muslims.I do not have to name who’s who of the Muslim politics who is supporting Modi from Jamaat-e-Islami to Jamiat Ulema e Hind to Darul Uloom Deobands Mehmood Madni…etc…etc.This support by Muslim clerics and intellectuals to Modi and Sonia is pushing Delhi’s Jama Masjid towards a lockout … a death for a live mosque where five times daily prayers are offered…like many other historic mosque’s in Delhi where ASI has put locks for Namaaz.?
But silence of Modi’s home minister in not issuing a white paper statement on the kerosene attempt on Ahmed Bukhari speaks volumes.The subsequent slapping of his brother Tariq Bukhari with the Jama Masjid next day also points towards the internal hand with in the family behind these events.A PSO of Ahmed Bukhari injured while protecting him in kerosene sprinkling attempt to burn him alive was sitting with a duty Hawaldar at the abdullahgate with a crape bandage on his right hand.I spotted him and spoke to both of them and found them avoiding me on simple questions that how he was hurt and did they know Tariq Bukhari has been slapped inside.The answers I got from these people were enough for me to suspect why the home ministry has till date not issued a white paper on the kerosene and slapping incidences on Bukhari Family.When the Home Minister was ss quick to make a call to Ahmed Bukhari with in an hour after the kerosene incident why it is taking weeks when allegedly both the culprits have been arrested.
[ The casanova son Shabaan Ahmed of Ahmed Bukhari Shahi Imam Delhi's Jama Masjid to be appointed as Naib Shahi Imam of Shahjahan's Delhi Jama Masjid . Enjoying with girl friends in his unaccounted mercedes car , he is sitting on floor in blue track suit and a cap and his girls on the bonnet of the car.Can such a sucker be appoint as Naib Imam ? ]
The security at Jama Masjid was lax only three to four policemen at the backside of Jama Masjid Chawri Bazar lane were manning traffic and on Abdullah gate side one young policewala was sitting and chatting with a local at the opposite hotel.Why the facts are not being revealed ? Who is behind kerosene attack ? Certainly power struggle with in the Bukhari Family has got some thing to do behind the kerosene oil burning life attempt of Ahmed Bukhari who is facing opposition from Yayha Bukhari his brother as he is claiming himself to be nominated as Naib Imam in place of Ahmed Bukhari’s son Shabaan.Tariq Bukhari was also slapped because he too is supporting Shabaan the choice of Ahmed Bukhari for the Naib Imams post.
Sensing trouble from his brother Yahya ,Ahmed Bukhari has blown the whole issue by going public and declaring anointment of his son as his inheritor tothe post of Imam Jama Masjid.He has further played his communal cards by helping Modi to gain lost ground among his fans by calling him Anti-Muslim and not inviting him to this private function.The Imam Ahmed Bukhari simultaneously has tried to capture Muslim space by projecting himself as Anti-Modi.This reporter after scanning various records and sources is confident that the internal power struggle of Bukhari Family has been converted into Shahi Imam versus PM Modi debate….more of a fixed fascist arrangement to help consolidate Hindutva Vote and in the process the Imam kills many birds with one stone…Why is the Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari silent on the attempt by his brother Yahya Bukhari on his life ? Why did he not file an FIR against his brother ? Why did he not accept Rajnath Singh help in the matter ? How close is Yahya Bukhari to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah ?…Why an estranged brother denied his right to Naib Imamat… and Rajya Sabha by brother Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari wanted to burn down him alive..? Why the issue is being converted into an attack on Muslim leadership…who broke the name plate of Owaisi house in New Delhi..the same day ? Both Bukhari and Owaisi are blue eyed boys of Sangh Parivar , will Modi ever even dare to hurt them ? Why is the so called National Media quite on the kerosene burning attempt on Imam by his family ? Why is Modi media converting this debate into Modi versus Imam and Nawaz Sharief ? why is pro Modi media covering up the attempt on Imam Ahmed Bukhari’s life by Kerosene sprinkled on him by one Kamaluddin ?
With Yahya Bukhari failing to eliminate Ahmed Bukhari the battle has only begun with Modi backing one and Sonia backing the other , the divisions are permanent and destruction is imminent but losers are none but only the Muslims and the Jama Masjid which is under threat , soon seems would be permanently locked due to the criminal activities of gang war among Bukhari’s backed by Hindutva forces from both the sides…The Congress the "A" team of RSS and BJP the "B" team of RSS. Interestingly the News Channel which broke the Imam Modi debate is NEWS X a Modi financed and controlled TV Channel. In the past Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari has indulged in commercially beneficial activity by allowing a TV Channel run by RSS to telecast sole rights of live coverage of Jama Masjid visit of Imam e Haram.The MCD run by BJP has allotted 270 crore budget under the wishes of Ahmed Bukhari in the name of Jama Masjid development fund.
The Buklhari’s are no longer pious they should be removed by the community/Waqf Board from the Imamat of Jama Masjid and for the time being Mufti Mukarram Ahmed should be appointed Shahi Imam of both the Shahi Masjid as he is pious and a competent scholar.The Bukhari’s should be booked under the law of the land and law should take its own course.The political parties and leaders close to Bukhari’s must also be removed from all their posts and be banned for a decade from politics.



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Jama Masjid: Dangerous web on Jama Masjid Delhi’s future - infighting among Bukhari brothers -Shahi Jama Masjid Delhi under threat of permanent Lockout ?
Dangerous web on Jama Masjid Delhi’s future - infighting among Bukhari brothers -Shahi Jama Masjid Delhi under threat of permanent Lockout ?
Jama Masjid
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