A Movement to Get Back the Lost Respect and Dignity of Ordinary Religious Teachers and Leaders of All Religions in India

Spiritual Leaders, religious teachers etc of various religious Institutions play a vital role to save real form of culture of the concerned religion and a role model to its followers. If Spiritual Leaders / Religious Teachers of any religious Institution are delivering the exact original material of their respective religions to the followers then all this helps in constituting the fruitful society consisting people of different religions and a healthy democracy in any country.

All religions of the world are helpful enough to make human beings lives more beautiful, responsible, prosperous and disciplined.  A religion prevents to its followers from committing the wrong deeds which are really curse to our society, democracy and whole mankind community. 

None of the religion of the world supports to the act of theft, killing of innocent people, back biting, defamation of individuals, derogatory behaviour towards dignity of women, inequality among people etc.

Some religions of the world may be blamed for the wrong deeds and may be associated with certain type of crimes due to international media propaganda. But the people who have misconceptions (I also might have misconception about any religion) about a particular religion are strongly recommended to study (I should also study) that religion first then I challenge that the people will love that religion because religions are meant to spread communal harmony, common brotherhood, love and peace.

So what do Religious Teachers/ Spiritual Leaders do that they represent themselves according to their concerned religions as their followers should follow and the qualities that religion inherits.

So in order to follow and understand a religion in a right manner, its followers need to possess basic knowledge about their religion so that they would follow their religion as they should follow.
The people who are follower of a particular religion and have less or negligible knowledge about their religion, can't understand their religion and can't follow their religion as they should.
Hence they will spread rumours about their religion and about other religions too.

Religious teachers are the primary source of their concerned religions to preach its teachings among their followers. In my point of view religious teachers are the real public leaders who are more responsible to make a society peaceful and prosperous. So that duties of religious leaders become enhanced and enlarged with more accountability.
So from above lines it become at least bit clear that how religious teachers are important to us, to our society and to the development of a country.
Society is comprised of people belonging to various fields of their expertise, out of which they are entitled to do certain types of works to earn their livelihoods. The much people earn the more happily they live. So that people of the society earn according to their skills and area of expertise.
Pay levels and lifestyle standards are varied country to country. Here because we are talking about India context and about Religious Teachers so earning level of these Public Religious Teachers belonging to all religions is record lowest among the all other professions.
In my region Uttar Pradesh (west) India itself average pay for daily wage labourers is INR 12 k - 15 k per month while average pay for religious teachers of various religions is just INR 5 k -8 k. 
However religious teachers of reputed religious institutions are paid handsomely but still their salaries too are not too much rewarding as other employees of the state.