Browse Historical Monuments from Letter E to F

East Angila (UK):
A powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom of 6th century. The region of east England, it has very fertile agricultural land.

Edinburgh (UK):
Capital of Scotland. Robert the Bruce was king of Scotland from 1306-29. Home to Adam Smith, David Hume, Robert Burns and Walter Scott. Home to University of Edinburgh. Famous for Edinburgh Festival of music and drama.

Elba (Italy):
Island in the Lingurian sea where Napoleon lived after his abdication.

Eiffel Tower (Paris):
An iron tower erected for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, on Seine river, Paris, designed by A.G Eiffel. World's most visited site.

Essen (Germany):
On the Ruhr river, it is home to the Krupp steel works, Europe's most extensive iron and steel works. Destroyed in WW II.

Eton (UK):
Seat of Britain's most famous public school, Eton college, founded in 1440.

Eureka Stockade (Australia):
Scene of an armed clash in 1854 when government was forced to back down, in the face of public opinion following goldminers on whom expensive mining license was imposed.

Evian (France):
Venue of the G8 summit, June 2003.

Eyre, Lake (Australia):
At 15 m. below sea level, it is the lowest point on the continent.

Falkland Islands (UK):
British crown colony in S. Atlantic Ocean. To Argentina, they are 'Malvinas'. War between Argentina and Britain over the Islands in 1982.

Fatima (Portugal):
Small village where three shepherds children claimed to have seen visions of the Virgin Mary in 1917.

Finland (Northern Europe):
A wealthy country. Thousands of lakes. Some think human habitation here dates back 100,000 years.

Flanders (Belgium-France):
The region frequently fought over by France, Spain and Austria is divided between Belgium and France. Scene of big trench warfare in WW I.

Florence (Italy):
Cultural, Intellectual center of Italy, the rule of the Medice family being the most glorious time. Leading center of the Renaissance. Capital of the Kingdom of Italy, 1865-71. The School of Florence includes Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael.

Florida (USA):
It forms a long peninsula with thousands of lakes and many rivers. Belonged o the Spanish. America puchased in 1819. Everglades, Florida Keys, Disney World, Miami, etc are here.

Forbidden City (China):
The public museums in Biejing, were in the past imperial palaces where no commoner or foreigner could enter without special permission. The complex had some 9000 rooms.

Formosa (Taiwan's former name, Republic of China):
Island in the Pacific. The Portuguese named it Formosa ("beautiful"), then was under the Dutch, and then under the Ming dynasty of China. Chiang Kaishek fled to Taiwan. Economic growth was spectacular from the 1950s.

Freetown (Sierra Leone):
Capital. Founded in 1790s as a foundation for freed slaves. From 1808 to 1874, it was capital of British West Africa.